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Below is all the information about the session and the prep instructions so you bring me a nice sleepy baby. I look forward to meeting you and capturing some adorable memories!

Our studio address is 18741 Titus Rd Hudson, FL 34667 (It will be the first door - please text 352-428-5845 when you arrive so I may let you in). Below is important info for your session and the prep guide you need to follow before the session. I look forward to working with you and your little one, just know that you are in good hands and will love these photos forever!

Disclaimer: The Prep Guide is a key component to a successful newborn session. Please be sure to read the the prep guide attached and key points below. I can not guarantee that I will be able to capture "newborn style" sleeping poses IF all/most of the steps are not followed. Either way I will capture some beautiful memories but they will be easier to achieve if the prep has been done. It can be lengthy however it is full of valuable information! Thanks in advance!

The Day of your Session Prep:
1. Please bathe your newborn about an hour or two before your session. A nice warm 10 minute bath should wake them up and get them all nice an squeaky clean for their modeling debut! Don't worry if they have flaky skin, bring lotion with you and we will slather them up with it before the session.

Please dress baby in just a onesie or if the weather permits just in their diaper and covered in nice warm blanket. This will keep us from agitating baby too much if they arrive asleep by not having to undress them.

2. Hold off feeding time until RIGHT BEFORE YOU ARRIVE OR AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE for your session. Please put baby in their car seat in as LITTLE clothing as possible (diaper only, snap together shirt or onesie) and cover in a blanket (weather permitting!). If little to no clothing is being worn I am able to start the session as soon as baby is done feeding. If you are breast feeding please consider expressing/pumping a bottle of milk and bringing it with you so that we can quickly get baby full and happy in between set ups. If you have never bottle fed your baby this one time bottle feeding will get them what is called "milk drunk" because they will get lots of milk, very quickly, without much effort. This one time optional feeding should not cause nipple confusion. If you choose not to bottle feed (completely OKAY) then I will ask that you breast feed, you may need to do it several times during the session. If you are feeding formula or bottle feeding breast milk please bring at least 4oz of extra food. I know that sounds like a lot, but modeling is super hard work and babies tend to work up an appetite looking so adorable! The idea behind this VERY IMPORTANT step is to exhaust our little model, get them nice and full, and allow them to drift off into a deep deep sleep that we only dream of!

3. Please bring a pacifier, even if you are not using it yet. The pacifier will help soothe your baby into positions if needed. Some of my clients have told me their doctors have told them DO NOT use a pacifier while breast feeding, I am not here to tell you to use it after your session but that during a 2 hour session for a few moments here and there should not cause an issue. If you would strongly prefer not to use a pacifier during the session just let me know.

4. Please bring plenty of diapers, wipes, and blankets to wrap your baby in. While in between poses I will loosely place a diaper on your baby to protect you and have you wrap them in a nice warm blanket.

It may seem like I am doing a whole lot of nothing while I feed, and soothe baby to sleep. This can sometimes make parents impatient but trust me that the key to a full session workflow is a nice calm and sleepy baby.


*Signature and Luxe Sessions*
Keep in mind neutral colors are best. White, beige, navy, Black. Neutral color palettes help create that timeless look We also recommend bring a change of clothing Incase of any baby accidents while doing parent images.





Yes, although we only take a specific number of sessions per month we always recommend checking with us for specific availability.

It truly depends on the session and what it is.  We have spent hours upon hours fine tuning our skills in newborn and maternity photography, which is why we chose to focus on those specific areas of photography.

We recommend scheduling your sessions as soon as possible.  Like previously stated we only take a specific number of sessions per month and they do book up rather quickly.  Our schedule is open usually 6 months to a year out.

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